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Electrocorp manufactures Air Scrubbers, Air Cleaners, and Air Purifiers for Industrial and commercial use. Electrocorp air scrubbers have activated carbon. Industrial Air Purification, Inc. is a full service company that specializes in Dust, Mist and Fume Systems. We offer Design Service, Equipment Selection. Clean Air Solutions Air King industrial air cleaners are a valuable tool for capturing most airborne nuisance particulate. Our self-contained filtration units.

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Great selection of top industrial air filtration systems for any industry & need, with the best sales prices, free ground shipping, and excellent service. Filtration Group Industrial ensures clean air in the work space The broad portfolio of air filters provides solutions for all applications involving gases. The HF industrial air cleaner is a robust, volume air cleaning system that is built around a main filter and has an integrated fan. It extracts airborne.

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Industrial air purifiers should be considered if you have a large coverage area, such as a basement or larger living area, since most home air purifiers do not. With this in mind, Air Filters, Inc. is committed to providing the industry's best air filtration products for our customers working in commercial. Zehnder's range of industrial air purifiers. See how our air purification systems are designed to suit your business. From capturing large, coarse dust.