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Online shopping for Home & Kitchen from a great selection of Gas Stoves, Electric Stoves, Wood Burning Stoves, Pellet Stoves & more at everyday low prices. Our exclusive Advanced Combustion Technology produces the cleanest burning and most efficient line of wood stoves available. Quadra-Fire Pellet Stoves are. Using the Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) makes this stove easy to light and allows you to give it a boost of air anytime the fire needs it. And don't worry.

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Quadra-Fire: Step Top Wood Stove · Heat 1,, sq ft with 72, BTUs*, based on climate and home efficiency · Low emission levels of grams per hour. Quadra-Fire – Discovery I Wood Stove · Peak BTU/hr Output1: 44, · Heating Capacity: , sq ft · Maximum Burn Time3: 7 hours · Firebox Capacity: cu ft. Based in the United States, Quadra-Fire manufactures a line of elegant and durable wood heaters that utilise its patented Automatic Combustion Control (ACC).

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Quadra-Fire pellet heating stoves offer a clean-burning, eco-friendly home heating alternative as they burn a variety of biofuels including corn, wheat and wood. Properly identify your stove make, model and serial number. Refer to your owner/install manual and/or technical manual. Part lists by Model: Freestanding. Perhaps today is the day you consider that inefficient woodstove needs an upgrade. All Quadra-Fire stoves are EPA-certified, providing your home with a cleaner-.