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Wireless Sensors, monitor anything from anywhere, measure temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, and much more, receive alerts, wifi, GPS. Temp° Stick by Ideal Sciences is an all-in-one wireless sensor that remotely monitors and alerts temperature & humidity conditions from anywhere, anytime. Wireless Alert TP-P is a battery-powered temperature sensor that sends a warning email if a user-set level is reached. Simply select your temperature limits.

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Sensors with WiFi interface are designed to measure the temperature from a connected temperature probe (optional accessories). Communication with the sensor. The sensor reads temperature and humidity information every five minutes and transmits the data to a gateway via a wireless data transfer protocol. WiFi. tempCube™ WiFi enabled smart wireless temperature sensor alerts you via email and sms when temperature or humidity goes low or high.

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The wireless temperature sensors work passively and do not need additional power supply at the measuring point. The sensor system with a low thermal profile. Our wireless temperature sensors measure the ambient temperature in each room, cabinet or zone. The small, solar-powered sensors use ultra-low power. The Wi-Fi wireless water temperature sensor use a 3 foot external water sealed sensor probe to measure temperatures in water or non-combustible liquids.