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Cool down easily while you sleep with a cooling gel pillow from Sleep Solutions! Discover cool gel pillows designed to reduce sleep temperature. I Am Cool Down Alternative Pillow · Great Sleep Twice Cool Foam Pillow. Made from breathable cotton, this pillow pair features superior cooling technology that makes these pillows ideal for warm sleepers or Summer weather. This.

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Microfibres: Specially designed microfibres help absorb heat when you are hot and release it when you get cold, which means you can achieve an ideal temperature. Cooling Effect · Gel layer stays cool throughout the night to help you have a refreshing sleep experience. · Dual-Sided Pillow · Pressure-Relieving · Memory foam. Don't let warmth and heat keep you awake at night. The Dream Science Cool Touch Pillow features the latest cooling fabric technology combined with a structured.

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The % cotton casing and micro-denier poly fiber gel filling makes the Sleep Restoration Gel-Fiber Filled Pillow another top pick in our books. Not only is it. Cool pillows are perfect for frequent sweaters or those that become easily overheated while sleeping. Our bed pillows are designed to stay cool all night long. You can now experience that feeling throughout the night without having to flip over your pillow every now and then! The Cooling Pillow provides a cool sleeping.