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Hundreds of Americans and thousands of Filipinos died in the journey. The reward for the survivors was brutal treatment in a Japanese prisoner of war camp for. The Bataan Death March: Directed by J.V. Martin. We follow one survivor as he returns to Bataan for the first time. See the full list. View list. I was told you had the list of the war prisoners of the Philippines. Suppose to of been on Bataan when it fell - I had my last letter March 31 from him.

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Ralph Rodriguez, from Albuquerque and a Bataan Death March survivor, with his daughter Mona Lisa Rodriguez, left, salutes during the playing of the national. During the opening ceremony, survivors of the original Bataan Death March were present for a roll call and greeted the participants as they began the march. “. There is no complete list of survivors of the Bataan march. The reason that there is no complete list is because some survivors managed to blend in with.

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Wilayto lost 50 pounds during the infamous Bataan Death March and gained it back working as a stevedore in Manila, where he helped sabotage Japanese cargo. Donald Knox (Author) › Visit Amazon's Donald Knox Page. Simply so, how many survived the Bataan Death March? THIS IS A SMALL LIST OF THE REAL SURVIVORS. Bataan Death March and the Cabanatuan Camp; and. • Recognize, in writing, the Eugene Nielsen, “A Survivor of the Palawan Massacre,” (excerpt).